Welcome to the Certification, Approval, and Licensing Services (CALS) Digital Service Web Page

CALS Digital Service Team:
Service Manager: Phoebe DeMund
Product Owner: Leon Elzie
Development Team: Cambria Solutions
CALS API Team: HHS Technology Group

CALS Digital Service Team Vision

For state and county workers who ensure that safe and quality licensed facilities and approved homes are available for the children and nonminor dependents who need them, the CALS Digital Service Team will facilitate activities related to ensuring that licensed facilities, approved homes and associated adults meet and maintain required standards. The CALS Digital Service will be seamless and consistent throughout the state and, unlike the multiple existing systems, support immediate access to the current and necessary information needed to ensure the health, safety, and quality of life for the children and nonminor dependents in licensed facilities and approved homes; increase web services for stakeholders; and assist in the prioritization and management of state and county workload. The CALS Digital Service will deliver a service that enables each of the 58 county child welfare, probation agencies, and Title IV-E Tribes to make the best, informed decisions regarding the safe placement of children.

CALS Digital Service Team Scope:

The CALS Digital Service will deliver several interdependent feature sets including:


Stakeholder Involvement:

The CALS Digital Service Team is proud to welcome the following organizations as Core Constituents. We will work with teams from these organizations to conduct user research and site visits, co-design the CALS Digital Service, and conduct usability testing of CALS Digital Service prototypes.

Los Angeles County
San Mateo County
Orange County
CDSS State Offices
San Francisco County

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