CWDS Quarterly Stakeholder Forum

CWDS convenes a quarterly stakeholder forum onsite at CWDS Headquarters in Sacramento that is open to all stakeholders. Topics include a general update on our progress in developing digital services as well as specific topics focused on the individual digital service being developed, program policy, tools, testing, implementation, and other related project information. See the links below for materials from our October 10 meeting.

PowerPoint presentation slides:
Agenda and Slide Deck

Recordings of the sessions are available on the CWDS YouTube channel:
January 9, 2018 Quarterly Stakeholder Forum Video
Morning Session - Afternoon Session

Northern Regional User Group Presentation - Update

Child Welfare Digital Services delivered a project update to the Northern Regional User Group on Nov. 28. Review the CWS-CARES and CWS/CMS presentation slides online.

Southern Regional User Group Presentation - Update

Child Welfare Digital Services delivered a project update to the Southern Regional User Group on Nov. 16. Review the CWS-CARES and CWS/CMS presentation slides online.

Mountain Valley Regional User Group Presentation - Update

Child Welfare Digital Services delivered a project update to the Mountain Valley Regional User Group on Nov. 15. Review the CWS-CARES and CWS/CMS presentation slides online.

Free Software Foundation President Richard Stallman to Speak at CWDS on Nov. 15

Please join us at the next CWDS Noon Speaker Series for a special presentation by Free Software Foundation President Richard Stallman, a legendary and world renowned activist for free (libre) software.

Child Welfare Digital Services (CWDS), California governments’ largest and most innovative project, is seeking to fundamentally change the way state government develops software by leveraging free (libre) software, agile methodologies, and user centered design.  One of the project’s main principles is to research, design, develop and operate a solution that is compatible with the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), and is thus available to be copied and used as a public good by other government agencies and the public at large.

About the Speaker

Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) founded the free software movement in 1983 when he announced the project to develop the GNU operating system, which is a freedom-respecting operating system meant to consist entirely of free software, and has been the project’s leader ever since. He then founded the Free Software Foundation in 1985, of which he is president as a full-time volunteer.  In 1992, the last gap in GNU was filled by the recently freed kernel Linux, producing the GNU/Linux combination that has become widely used.

Since the mid-1990’s, RMS has spent most of his time in political advocacy for free software, spreading the ethical ideas of the movement and campaigning against both software patents and dangerous extension of copyright laws. The term "free software" refers to liberty, not price.

It is distributed under the terms that allow users to run the software for any purpose as well as study, change, and distribute it and any adapted versions.

Details include:

WHO:                   Richard Stallman (RMS)

WHAT:                 Noon Speaker Series - Discussion About Free (Libre) Software

WHEN:                 Wednesday, November 15, 2017

                              12:00pm – 2:30pm

WHERE:               Child Welfare Digital Services
                              2870 Gateway Oaks Drive
                              Sacramento, CA 95833


Next CWDS Solution Demo to be Held on Dec. 4 at 2 PM

CWDS conducts monthly Solution Demonstrations to provide all stakeholders with an overview of our latest system developments.  Please join us via WebEx following using  the meeting link below.   The event will also be livestreamed at:

Date: Monday, December 4, 2017

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)

Monday, December 4, 2017 2:00 am, Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

Event number: 405 010 209

Event password: 2017

Event address for attendees:


Video: CWDS Solution Demo - Nov. 6, 2017

CWDS held its monthly Solution Demonstrations on Nov. 6 to provide stakeholders with an overview of our latest system developments. 

You can watch this Sprint Review here

CWDA Mountain Valley Children's Committee Meeting

CWDA held a meeting with the Mountain Valley Children's Committee on Nov. 2. Click here to view the presentation slides. 

Noon Speaker Series - Kelley Jones

CWDS holds a monthly speaker series meeting to spark innovation and increase engagement. On Oct. 31 award-winning comic book artist Kelley Jones presented at the meeting. Click here to view the video. 

Training and Implementation Update

On October 10, the Training and Implementation teams presented an overview of the CWS-NS approach to training, and showcased a demonstration of their web-based training tool at our Quarterly Stakeholder forum. The team is currently busy developing training materials for Intake, CALS, and Case Management digital services. Future training development will occur for the Resource Management, Court Processing, Eligibility, and Financial Management and Administration digital services.

Counties and tribes are responsible to deliver training to their staff, therefore the project will deliver Train the Trainer sessions. Each county or tribe will be able to determine which training method fits their organization’s learning-style and preference. The goal is to provide a variety of training materials that meet a variety of training needs. Materials can also be customized to meet an organization’s specific business processes. The county will receive the entire set of training tools during the Train the Trainer sessions, including:

  • Traditional instructor-led training (ILT) with instructor and user guides along with a robust online training environment where users can practice real-life scenarios.

  • Web based training (WBT) that includes New System orientations with professional voice over narration and closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

  • E-learning courses that are SCORM compliant to allow counties with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to upload and track training statistics.

  • Job aids, user guides, and desk aids with step-action tables, new concepts and printable PDFs.

  • Demonstration videos comprised of brief 2-3 minute demos on specific functions that provide users step-by-step guided instruction.

The goal of the Implementation team is to get these digital services out to the counties in the most efficient way possible while meeting the unique needs of each county. One of the ways they plan to do this is by offering a single point-of-contact between each county and CWS-NS throughout the life of the project.

The team will continue to solicit and receive feedback from the core counties on training products in an effort to build training tools that allow the user to navigate the features of the New System with confidence. Please sign-up for the CWDS Newsletter to receive future updates.

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