Mountain Valley Region

County Notes

ICT Problems Contact

Shannon Sutton (209) 223-6842

CWS IT Emergency Contact

Aftercare Provider Contact

State ID Problems Contact

ICPC Problems Contact

Shannon Sutton (209) 223-6842

NREFM Problems Contact

CAD Contact

Layla Spears-Griffin (209) 223-6550
Aditra Miller (209) 223-6210
Steve Stavrianoudakis (209) 223-6763

Data Quality Contact

Data Quality Analyst Master List

County Site Information

Site Name
and Address
Business Hours
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after Hours Contact

3.01 Sutter Creek

10877 Conductor Boulevard
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
M-F Open: 8:00 AM Close: 5:00 PM
SAT Open: N/A Close: N/A
SUN Open: N/A Close: N/A
Suzanne Ballen
(209) 223-6651