California Department of Technology Service Desk Bulletin – Migrating External CWS Users to New Citrix Environment - REMINDER

All SPOCs, Technical Contracts, and SBC Administrators:
The California Department of Technology (CDT) has scheduled a change during the regularly scheduled maintenance window on Saturday, December 3, 2022, beginning at 6:00 AM and concluding at 10:00 AM. During the change window, CDT will migrate users to the new Citrix Environment. This change may impact all CWS/CMS users accessing the application via SBC Citrix. During the migration, users may be kicked out of the system or unable to log in to and If users are kicked out the system, they will need to wait until the maintenance window is completed to sign back in.

Logon Screen Format Change
For most users there will be a logon screen format change when accessing Citrix after the migration to the new Citrix environment. The exception will be for Probation Citrix users connecting to CWS/CMS via the Citrix Token-less environment; for these users there is no expected change to the logon screens. For the remaining Citrix users connecting via physical tokens or through MobilePass ‘soft’ tokens, they will no longer enter their user ID, password, and passcode (token) on the same screen when logging into Citrix. The user ID, password, and passcode will now each be entered on separate screens. Please note that the passcode screen appears before the password screen does. The benefit of this change is it will assist with identifying the specific cause when users have issues while attempting to connect to Citrix. Review the CDT CWS Token External Citrix Login Instructions* document for screenshots of the new logon screens.
Please NOTE:  The very first time the user logs into the new Citrix token page, they may receive requests for two passcodes. This is done to resynchronize the token. The user must use two DIFFERENT passcodes. If a user enters the same passcode twice, it will lock the token and a password reset will be required.

Change to MobilePass+
The MobilePass solution for ‘soft’ tokens is being updated to the new SafeNet MobilePass+ solution. Existing MobilePass accounts may continue to use the existing MobilePass version; however, all New User requests or replacement requests for ‘soft’ tokens will require the accounts to use the new MobilePass+ version for the ‘soft’ tokens.
One major difference between MobilePass and MobilePass+ is the new version does not use the 16-digit activation code to enroll the Citrix ‘soft’ token accounts. Instead, the ‘soft’ token recipient authenticates the token activation, after the CDT SBC Administrators have assigned the requested token, and sends the recipient an email. Review the Mobile Pass Plus Token Instructions-Android* and the Mobile Pass Plus Token Instructions-iOS* guides for instructions on how to install and activate the MobilePass+ application on Android and Apple cell phones, respectively. 

*For access to these documents please contact Customer Relations

Action Required
If users experience any issues with CWS/CMS, please follow your county process for reporting issues or you may contact the IBM Boulder Help Desk at 1-800-428-8268.
If users experience any issues with CARES-Live, please follow your county process for reporting issues. CARES-Live County Administrators may contact the CARES Service Desk through the CWDS ServiceNow Customer Support Management (CSM) Portal. Alternate methods are phoning 1-855-292-3444 or via email at during normal business hours. You may also email after hours and a Service Desk representative will contact you the next business day.
Contact Customer Relations if you have questions regarding the new Citrix environment. Customer Relations will work with the SBC Admin team to respond to your questions.