CANS Duplicate Assessment being created in CARES-Live

October 16, 2020 UPDATE:  Multiple counties have reported increased issues with the CANS Duplicate Assessment issue, reporting that it sometimes requires multiple attempts to successfully save an assessment. The CWDS Office is confident that the CARES 2.8.9 Hot Fix will either resolve or help expedite the investigation of this issue.  This hot fix is scheduled to deploy on Thursday, October 22, 2020; however, CWDS will be meeting today and Monday to discuss expediting of this fix for the evening of  Monday, October 19th  instead.  If approved for Monday, the outage will begin at 6:00pm and conclude at 9:00pm. Look for a separate communication to be sent to follow up on CARES 2.8.9 details and confirmation of the actual release date and planned outage.