CARES 2.5 Release – Facility Search and Profile, Identity Management (IDM) and Child Welfare History Snapshot July 20, 2019, 04:45AM – 10:00PM UPDATE

To all SPOCs and Technical Contacts:


The CWS-CARES team has scheduled release activity that will interrupt connectivity to the CWS-CARES application. The release activity will begin at 04:45AM on July 20, 2019 and conclude at 10:00PM. During this scheduled outage users will not be able to access the CWS-CARES application.

Release Description

CWS-CARES 2.5 is scheduled for release to all CARES users on Saturday, July 20, 2019. The CWS-CARES 2.5 release will include enhancements to Facility Search and Profile, Identity Management (IDM), and Child Welfare History Snapshot. Snapshot will be released only to the Intake Core Constituents. The CWS-CARES 2.5 Release Notes describes the details of the release. Counties can access the CWS-CARES Release Notes for CWS-CARES 2.5 on the CWDS website at

Implementation Portal

All CWS-CARES 2.5 Training Job Aids related specifically to this release will be available on the CARES Implementation Portal by close of business on Friday, July 19, 2019. The remaining CWS-CARES 2.5 training materials will be posted to the CARES Implementation Portal soon. Counties can access these materials at

CWS-CARES Release 2.5 will include the following:

  1. Facility Search and Profile


  • New License Status types are being added to CWS/CMS with the implementation of SCR 8749, Release 8.7. In support of that change the following License Status Options will be added to the CARES Facility Search and Profile tool. This change will ensure that users can view facilities designated with the new type in both CWS/CMS and the CARES Facility Search and Profile tool.
    • RFA Ceased
    • RFA Forfeited
    • RFA Rescinded
    • RFA Surrendered
    • RFA Withdrawal will be renamed to RFA Withdrawn

Note: The License Status will be considered inactive for all new values (no placement allowed).

  • The BLANK option in County Type Search Criteria has been updated to say All Counties as an indication that you are performing a search statewide.
  • Issue that resulted in Approval and Licensing working information showing N/A in the search results but being seen in the actual profile view for LIS facilities has been resolved.
  • County License Effective Date will now properly display for County Licensed facilities.
  1. Identity Management (IDM)


  • Change Log -
    • Administrators have access to a user’s profile from within the change log.
    • Account lockouts will be recorded in the change log.
    • All phone number changes are recorded in the change log.
  • Search –
    • Administrators can now search by first name, last name, email address, CWS/CMS login or any combination of these fields.
    • Search Results will show EXACT and/or SIMILAR matches.
    • Search must be performed before Create A New User option is available.
    • Clear button has been added to start new search.
  • Quick Filter Reports –
    • Administrators will have a quick count of users in the following areas: active users, locked users, inactive users, unregistered users.
    • Administrators can access users for the above-mentioned areas.
  • Edit Cell Phone Number –
    • Administrators can edit cell phone numbers.
    • Cell phone numbers are not required in order to create/save a user.
  • Unlock Users –
    • Administrator can view and unlock users from the search results screen.
    • Administrator can unlock user from the quick filter list view.
  • Additional Fixes –
    • Allow County Admin to edit other County Admins
    • Allow Office Admin to edit other Office Admins
    • Default list of users is no longer presented to administrator when they first access the Manager User application.
    • Application no longer displays error message for phone or email fields while editing. If there are errors in the format, admins will be notified during the save process.
  1. Child Welfare History Snapshot (Released to the Intake Core Constituents only)

New Features

  • New Search fields were created to search for clients with any combination of:
    • First and Last Name (last name must have one character entered to initiate search)
    • DOB or Approximate Age
    • Social Security Number
    • Client ID Number

Note: A value must be entered in one of the four fields above to enable the search button. A search can be initiated exclusively by entering either the Social Security or Client ID number.

  • The following Additional Search fields have been added –
    • Suffix
    • Sex at Birth
  • The capability to filter by County of Service Provider has been added.
  • The capability to sort search results by clicking on the corresponding columns.
  • Wildcard Search –

Search for clients using wildcard characters is available when unsure of the exact spelling of proper names.

    • Wildcard searches must always end with the percent (%) character. The string can be placed anywhere in the name. Unknown characters in the name can be substituted with the underscore (_) character.
    • Some examples:
      • T_m% returns Tim, Tom, Tam, Tum, and Tem
      • B%c% returns Brick, Bloch, Bianca, etc.
      • W__d% returns Wend, Word, Wand, Wild, etc.


  • Search results now display in a grid view. Including the following fields:
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Sex at Birth
    • County Service Provider
    • Phone Number
    • Client Address
    • Case Status
  • Snapshot Search –
    • Instructional text included on how to use certain features is now available by clicking on the information icon and/or by clicking on the How to Use Snapshot link.
    • A new search can be completed by using the Clear button to begin a new search.
  • Search Results –
    • Maximum number of results displayed for a search is now 250 records. If the search criteria match results in more than 250 results, the system will now show you the first 250 as the best match and display an alert requesting the user to refine the search.
    • Search results now include the client’s AKA in parenthesis displayed next to the name.
    • Sensitive and Sealed icons display in the search results grid next to the client’s name.
    • Columns can be expanded by dragging the margins to reveal the full contents.
    • The ability to retain search results are available when viewing the person card. The bread crumb link “Search Results” allows users to go back to the search and click on another client.
    • The Attach functionality from the Relationship Card has been removed.
    • Left navigation links on the person summary has been removed. The data for the person summary remains the same.
  • Search results latency has been considerably improved. Any changes to CWS/CMS data is available in Snapshot within 10 seconds or less 98.71% of the time.

Action Required

If users experience any issues with CWS-CARES, please follow your county process for reporting issues or you may contact the CARES Service Desk at 1-855-292-3444 or via email at during normal business hours. You may also email after hours and a Service Desk representative will contact you the next business day.