CARES 2.5 Release – Facility Search and Profile, Identity Management (IDM) and Child Welfare History Snapshot July 20, 2019, 04:45AM – 10:00PM UPDATE

To all SPOCs and Technical Contacts:


The CWS-CARES team has scheduled release activity that will interrupt connectivity to the CWS-CARES application. The release activity will begin at 04:45AM on July 20, 2019 and conclude at 10:00PM. During this scheduled outage users will not be able to access the CWS-CARES application.

Release Description

CWS-CARES 2.5 is scheduled for release to all CARES users on Saturday, July 20, 2019. The CWS-CARES 2.5 release will include enhancements to Facility Search and Profile, Identity Management (IDM), and Child Welfare History Snapshot. Snapshot will be released only to the Intake Core Constituents. The CWS-CARES 2.5 Release Notes describes the details of the release. Counties can access the CWS-CARES Release Notes for CWS-CARES 2.5 on the CWDS website at

Implementation Portal

All CWS-CARES 2.5 Training Job Aids related specifically to this release will be available on the CARES Implementation Portal by close of business on Friday, July 19, 2019. The remaining CWS-CARES 2.5 training materials will be posted to the CARES Implementation Portal soon. Counties can access these materials at

CWS-CARES Release 2.5 will include the following:

  1. Facility Search and Profile


Note: The License Status will be considered inactive for all new values (no placement allowed).

  1. Identity Management (IDM)


  1. Child Welfare History Snapshot (Released to the Intake Core Constituents only)

New Features

Note: A value must be entered in one of the four fields above to enable the search button. A search can be initiated exclusively by entering either the Social Security or Client ID number.

Search for clients using wildcard characters is available when unsure of the exact spelling of proper names.


Action Required

If users experience any issues with CWS-CARES, please follow your county process for reporting issues or you may contact the CARES Service Desk at 1-855-292-3444 or via email at during normal business hours. You may also email after hours and a Service Desk representative will contact you the next business day.