CARES 2.6 Release – Child Welfare History Snapshot | September 07, 2019, 06:00AM – 10:00AM

To: All SPOCs and Technical Contacts:


The CWS-CARES team has scheduled release activity that will interrupt connectivity to the CWS-CARES application. The release activity will begin at 06:00AM on September 07, 2019 and conclude at 10:00AM. During this scheduled outage users will not be able to access the CWS-CARES application.

Release Description

CWS-CARES 2.6 release is scheduled for release to the Intake Core Constituent Representative user group on Saturday, September 07, 2019. The CWS-CARES 2.6 release will focus on:

  • Restoring Snapshot functionality to the Core Counties. The functionality allows users to attach information regarding related clients. Additionally, users can now search using multiple search criteria rather than a single search bar to allow more refined results.
  • Additional non-user functionality – CARES Snapshot will be able to capture User Trace Log Files which will provide a report regarding user actions in Child Welfare History Snapshot and can be generated at the request of a County Director. The procedure to request and receive a User Trace Log will be provided at a later date.

The CWS-CARES 2.6 Release Notes describes the details of the release. Counties can access the CWS-CARES Release Notes for CWS-CARES 2.6 on the CWDS website at

Child Welfare History Snapshot


  • Left Navigation Menu that allows a CARES user to navigate to the following Cards:
    • Client (expands as the user adds clients to the view)
    • Relationship
    • History
  • Attach link functionality to Relationship Card:
    • Attach related clients to the current view of the person profile page.
    • See related client’s relationships and history on the same page without the need to search on each client individually.
    • Attach link will display next to client’s name in the Relationships Card.
    • Users will be able to attach relationships based on permissions granted by their county.
  • Remove link functionality to Relationship Card:
    • Allows user to remove the view of attached related persons from the person profile page.
    • Remove Link will display on the top right-hand corner of the Person Card.
  • User Trace Log Files:
    • Enables Snapshot to track user actions, such what the user searched for and which person card was accessed. This will have no impact on user interaction.

Action Required

If users experience any issues with CWS-CARES, please follow your county process for reporting issues or you may contact the CARES Service Desk at 1-855-292-3444 or via email at during normal business hours. You may also email after hours and a Service Desk representative will contact you the next business day.