CARES-Live 2.8.9 Hotfix October 19, 2020| 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

To all SPOCs and Technical Contacts:
The CARES-Live team has scheduled release activity that will interrupt connectivity to the CARES-Live application. The release activity will begin at 06:00 PM on Monday, October 19, 2020 and conclude at 9:00 PM. During this scheduled outage users will not be able to access the CARES-Live application.
CARES-Live 2.8.9 Hotfix:
The goal of this release is to provide fixes to issues reported in Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS), and Snapshot features.

  • CANS Duplicate Assessment - Some users reported receiving a “15000ms exceeded” error message when saving a CANS Assessment.  If the user receives this error message, a duplicate CANS assessment is being created in their list that has the same Date Stamp and Time Stamp within 10 seconds of the original Assessment.   Users can delete the Assessment that has not actually saved any data in the assessment profile. 
  • 15000ms error message that displays and causes a duplicate CANS Assessment will no longer display.
  • Existing duplicate CANS assessments will not be automatically removed. Users need to identify and remove duplicate records. Examine the Assessment History log to determine the assessment with the most recent Time Stamp and remove that one as a duplicate.
  • Duplicate Search Results – Duplicate search results displayed when clicking on ‘Show More Results’.  Users reported seeing the same search results display in the initial search when clicking on ‘Show More Results’.  (Example:  Client 12345456X may show up in the first 25 results and then again the exact same record when users click ‘Show More Results’ to see the next 50 results). 
  • Updates made to remove the duplicate search results.

  • Search - After conducting an initial Snapshot Search, a lag in typing occurs when using the backspace key to delete or enter data in a field after using the backspace to delete.
  • The lag in keystrokes will no longer occur.  There is no need to hit the clear button to avoid the lag.
  • DOB – Date of Birth (DOB) Validation Error is needed when searching with DOB.  When entering a single digit month or a future date for the DOB, it clears the DOB from the search and no validation error appears informing the user that there was an error. 
  • A message will now display reading – “Please enter a date in the format of MM/DD/YYYY”.  The message will clear once the correct format is entered or when the date is cleared.
  • An issue with tabbing through the DOB field has also been fixed so that it is not necessary to open the calendar while using the tab key to move to the next field.  Users will now have to tab to the Calendar and press the Enter key in order to open the Calendar next to the DOB field.

Action Required
If users experience any issues with CARES-Live, please follow your county process for reporting issues or you may contact the CARES Service Desk at 1-855-292-3444.