CARES-Live Issues – Users Invalidated Erroneously and Change Log Not Visible

ALL County CWS/Probation/CARES SPOCs and Technical Contacts:
A recent change implemented with CARES-Live 2.8.13 on June 24, 2021 would inactivate a CARES-Live user automatically when the user was end-dated in the CWS/CMS application, with “Account Invalidated” added to the Change Log. However, a couple counties have reported a glitch where a small number of CARES-Live users have been invalidated erroneously. In addition, there is a secondary issue where the system-generated Change Logs are not visible to County Admins.
The CWDS Team has been working and testing the fixes, and will implement a hot fix to correct the issue as soon as possible. The small number of impacted CARES-Live accounts will be fixed programmatically by the CWDS team; no additional action is required.
An updated communication will be sent out once the date and time of the hot fix implementation has been decided.
Action Required
No action is required by CARES-Live users or administrators. The CWDS Team will fix the accounts behind the scenes, and implement the fixes as soon as possible.