Cares-Live Support Communication

To all CWS Directors, CWS and Probation SPOCs and Core Constituents:

On February 24, 2020, CWDS announced that the CWS-CARES Board of Directors approved continued and on-going state support for CARES-Live (Child Welfare History Snapshot, Facility Search and CANS). This means we will continue to support counties with their user adoption efforts. We will also release CARES-Live performance and security updates, along with any necessary bug fixes.

But it is important to know that, as the project shifts focus to the development of CWS-CARES utilizing the Salesforce Service Cloud, we do not plan to make any significant enhancements to CARES-Live. We will consider modest refinements of the existing features. The Executive Leadership Team will review low technical impact – high value enhancements to the existing CARES-Live features as they are identified and make a case-by-case decision. CARES-Live users should continue to provide feedback and submit any requests through CWDS office existing communication channels.”