Case Management Project Update

The Case Management Digital Services (CMDS) team recently facilitated a 2-day research and design workshop that included knowledge sharing and brainstorming exercises with the core counties.

During the workshop the CM team presented and validated their initial research on the business flows of emergency placement and family finding efforts.With the design teams, the counties brainstormed and sketched out activities for potential New System design, and captured items requiring further investigation – an example of how users are driving the development of the New System. Please click here to view the design concept video the CM team created based on county input.

Next steps for CMDS include continued development of the conceptual design, documenting the data fields in legacy for placements, and building reusable common components based on DesignOps guidelines. As Case Management design and development efforts continue, core county feedback will be solicited and used to help improve conceptual designs as they evolve