Core Counties Train for Usability Testing

This week, county users were in Sacramento for important training on the CWDS Intake Module.  Guided by user-centered design principles, each digital service works with teams from six counties, designated as Core Counties, to help design the system and inform important decisions.

Core County representatives spent two days at CWDS headquarters learning how to conduct research and usability testing, skills they will  take to the field to gather user behavior patterns that will help the design process.

As subject matter experts with years of experience working as case workers, Core County representatives are considered part of the CWDS project team.  They represent the user community throughout all 58 counties.  By the end of the project, most counties will have had a chance to serve as a Core County working on one of the eight modules.

The Intake Module covers the spectrum of Emergency Response – from the time a report of child abuse comes into the hotline through the work done by a CPS social worker to investigate these allegations of child abuse and neglect.