CWDS Project Update 2/9/18

This week, the Intake Digital Service launched Snapshot 1.0, the first release of CWS-CARES functionality which is now live and accessible by 22 county social workers.  These users from across California represent Core Counties who are helping the state research, design and develop the new system to replace the legacy child welfare system.
While Snapshot 1.0 is a limited initial release, it is a significant technical achievement that demonstrates the viability of the CWDS cloud infrastructure, web application architecture, and user-centered design methodology.  CWDS priorities include expanding Snapshot and providing access to a larger set of users toward an eventual statewide deployment.   
Consistent with Agile methodologies to refine and improve the way software is developed, the project is adding Program Increment 5.7 to its regular development cycle to spend two weeks examining ways to optimize performance.  For example, CWDS underwent the initial stages of regrouping development teams, called Team Optimization, which will allow greater flexibility to move resources across digital teams to spike development according to shifting priorities.  
Another refinement includes centralizing the project’s research and design team members across the digital services to broaden their contributions and reduce duplicative work.  This will enable them to get ahead of the development teams and streamline the product pipeline.  The project has begun creation of a new collective referred to as the CWDS Research + Design Studio.
Core County representatives will continue to provide invaluable feedback as user-centered design remains the main tenant guiding development toward a modern set of tools aimed at protecting California’s children.