CWDS Quarterly Updates Scheduled

CWDS Project representatives travel quarterly to Regional CWS User Group meetings, Regional Childrens Director meetings and CDSS to provide CWS-CARES project status updates and demonstrations. These meetings have replaced the previously held quarterly stakeholder forums in Sacramento. Below are this quarters scheduled meetings:

CWDS Quarterly Update Schedule for 2019

  • September 19 - Southern Regional User Group Meeting
  • September 26 - Southern Childrens Directors Meeting 
  • October 16 - Mountain Valley Regional User Group Meeting
  • October 22 - Northern Regional User Group Meeting
  • October 24 - Mountain & Northern Childrens Directors Meeting
  • October 25 - Central Regional User Group Meeting 
  • November 5 - California Department of Social Services Meeting
  • November 11 - Bay Area Regional User Group Meeting 
Please visit the Upcoming CWDS Events page for these and other CWDS events.