CWDS Releases CARES 1.0 into Production

We are thrilled to announce the successful release of CARES 1.0 into production on Wednesday, September 19, 2018! With this release, Identity Management, Child Welfare History Snapshot and Facility Search and Profile functionality were applied to the CWS-CARES application and will be implemented statewide to all 58 counties in a phased approach.

Identity Management is a tool that provides users a secure login to the CWS-CARES application with multi-factor authentication, the industry standard for web based applications which provides additional security in order to adequately protect confidential child welfare information. It also provides administrative staff the ability to add new users, manage users access and assign user roles and permissions within the application.

Child Welfare History Snapshot provides users with a comprehensive one page view of case and referral history for clients in Child Welfare Services/Case Management System (CWS/CMS). It allows child welfare staff to search for clients and view their relationships, demographic information, and child welfare history including dates of referrals/cases, victim and perpetrator information, allegations and dispositions. It also provides users the ability to copy and paste the history into other documents, such as investigative narratives or court documents which has proven to be a huge time-saving benefit for workers.

Lastly, CARES 1.0 includes Facility Search and Profile which is a thorough, at-a-glance read-only view that provides information about a facility or home on one page. This search feature retrieves children’s residential facilities and county-approved homes data from CWS/CMS, the Licensing Information System (LIS), and the Field Automation System (FAS). It will allow authorized users to search for and view children’s residential licensed facilities and county-approved homes, along with contact information and the responsible licensing or approval workers and will reflect the number of beds, complaint history, and children currently associated to the facility or home.

View the complete Release Notes for CARES 1.0 online.