CWDS Sprint Review 19.10

CWDS will hold a sprint review on May 30th for stakeholders to follow the progress of our digital service teams. Please check the links below to access the presentation. Stakeholders can stay updated by visiting the  CWDS Archive  and by viewing the CWDS events calendar for upcoming events. 

Teams/ Times                                                                                

CANS     1:15-2:15 PM

  • Team B                                                                      
  • Team N
Snapshot/ Search     2:20-2:50 PM
  • Team K / 2:20-2:50                                        
Identity Management     2:55-3:55 PM
  • Team M/ 2:55-3:25                                                   
  • Team A/ 3:25-3:55

Event Number: 929 146 614

WebEx Link and Conference Line information:


Event Password: CWSCARES

To join this online event


1. Go to

2. Enter the event password: CWSCARES

3. Click "Join Now".

4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to join the teleconference.