CWDS Welcomes New Product Management Advisors

CWDS today announced the addition of James Weaver and Kaitlin Devine to the project. Both are scheduled to start within the next week and will serve as product management advisors. Their focus will be on process implementation, agile project management, and software delivery.

Mr. Weaver has 20 years of leadership experience specializing in software development and strategy, business intelligence, project management, operational streamlining, business development, and implementation. His IT work specializes in product strategy, agile software development, DevOps, and information architecture. Mr. Weaver’s most recent assignment was with one of the healthcare industry's first SaaS providers, revamping software development processes and building out its DevOps organization. Prior to that, he oversaw development of multiple reporting and analytics solutions with onshore and offshore teams, for a software company specializing in healthcare safety and operational efficiency. During his tenure with this company, Mr. Weaver led its first agile teams during a companywide adoption of the methodology.

Ms. Devine also brings years of IT leadership experience to the team. Currently, she works for the General Services Administration’s digital consultancy, 18F, where she served as a Python engineer and expert on contracting data until she became the first 18F Director of Engineering. Serving on 18F’s senior management team, Ms. Devine created infrastructure for all the major functions of the software engineering team, including recruitment and hiring, code standards and best practices, intra-team mentoring and education, and team management, including a new team structure and peer review process. After spearheading the 18F engineering team, she went on detail to Treasury as a product owner for the implementation of the first federal open data law, the DATA act. As product owner of two major software products (an internal agency reporting website and the external, public-facing website and API), Ms. Devine directed the software product and technical strategy end-to-end.

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