CWS-CARES Implementation Approach

On Wednesday, September 19, 2018, CWDS released CARES 1.0 into production. The implementation of CARES 1.0 will follow a 3-phase approach. Phase 1 is a limited release to the core county representatives who work with our Digital Service teams. Phase 2 extends and introduces CARES 1.0 to all identified users within the Core Counties/CDSS Divisions. Phase 3 is where the implementation team works with all statewide users (in the remaining 50 counties) using a wave/incremental approach. During each Phase and Wave, the implementation team will be working with each county and CDSS Division during their 30-day implementation support window.

The CWS-CARES Implementation Lead guides each Organization through the following key activities.

  • Implementation Management
  • Tech Readiness/Connectivity
  • User Setup
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Training
  • Interim Processes
  • Communication

Each of the key activities includes a number of sub-activities that support the counties and CDSS in moving towards and preparing for county/CDSS go-live. County and State staff can find more information regarding implementation activities at the Implementation Portal. All other stakeholders can contact the CWDS Implementation Team at