CWS-CARES 2.6 Release -Coming Soon to all Organizations

To all CDSS, County, Probation, Karuk, and Yurok Directors/Chiefs, SPOCS, Technical and Training Contacts:

The CWDS Project is excited to announce the upcoming statewide release of CWS-CARES 2.6 (hereafter referred to as CARES 2.6). On September 7, 2019 CARES 2.6 was first made available to a small group of Intake Core Constituent users who have been working with the Intake Digital Service. CARES 2.6 will be available to all statewide users gradually over a period of time in the Fall 2019. The CARES 2.6 release includes enhancements to the Child Welfare History Snapshot (hereafter referred to as Snapshot) functionality. For details about Snapshot, reference the CARES 2.6 Release Notes on the CWDS website at

The CWDS Implementation Team will support the state, counties, and tribes prepare for the statewide rollout of CARES 2.6. As part of implementation readiness activities to support Snapshot statewide rollout, the CWDS Implementation Team has been in contact with all of the organizations to capture user data. We have asked all organizations to provide a list of Snapshot users or to confirm the existing list of users we had to date. We encourage all organizations to provide or confirm the list of user data (if they haven't already), as this data will be used to identify a phased statewide implementation rollout. The user data is important as CWDS wants to ensure we can adequately support the number of users for each phase of the statewide rollout. We will support organizations with implementation efforts, we will provide training material and Organizational Change Management materials. The CWDS Service Desk will provide support as needed. Additionally, user data organizations provide will be utilized to grant users access to Snapshot via an internal CARES bulk load process. Specific dates and more information are forthcoming as we support your organization’s rollout of CARES 2.6.

Implementation Portal

The CARES 2.6 Training Job Aid was posted to the CARES Implementation Portal on September 7, 2019. The CARES 2.6 Training Video will be posted to the CARES Implementation Portal soon.


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