CWS-CARES Maintenance 05:00PM – 09:00PM

To all SPOCs and Technical Contacts:

CWS-CARES is experiencing issues with respect to searching for clients in CANS and Snapshot. As of 7:30pm Tuesday, July 02, 2019 CWS- CARES is no longer receiving updates from CWS/CMS to client search records. This impacts CANS and Snapshot client search functionality only.

CARES users can continue to use the CANS assessment feature for those clients that they have already begun assessments. However, starting any new assessment should not be initiated for any new clients due to this issue.

The resolution of this issue is planned to be implemented tonight, July 5, 2019, completed by 8:00 PM. We will provide updates as they are received.

Action Required

CWS-CARES users are advised to not use the CANS and Snapshot client search functionality until the issue has been resolved.