CWS/CMS Release 8.4 SCR 8653 – Education Provider Batch Merge

To All CWS and Probation SPOCs and Data Quality Analysts:

The Data Quality team has created the attached information flyer on the Education Provider Batch Merge. The batch merge process will combine duplicate Education Providers into a single record. Please review the flyer for details.

Action Required

Review the attached document regarding the Education Provider Batch Merge. Applicable counties – as identified on the second page of the attached document – need to:

  1. Submit the on-line form ( to indicate your preference to either be a pilot county (implemented on November 9, 2019) or to be part of the main group (implemented on December 14, 2019).
  2. Optional – Review the ‘SCR8653_EDUCATION_PROVIDER_MERGE’ report found on the State SAFE site at, if you wish; although no County action is expected.

Send any questions regarding the Education Provider Batch Merge to the CWDS Customer Relations mailbox.