CWS/CMS Release 8.8 SCR 8752 – Service Provider Address Merge

To All CWS and Probation SPOCs and Data Quality Analysts:

The Data Quality team has created the attached information flyer on the Service Provider Address Merge. The address merge process will combine duplicate Service Provider addresses within the same Service Provider into a single primary address. Please review the flyer for details.

Action Required

Review the attached document regarding the Service Provider Address Merge. Applicable counties – as identified on the second page of the attached document – need to:

  1. Submit the on-line form ( to indicate your preference to either be a pilot county (implemented on November 2, 2019) or to start during the weekly merges (beginning on December 7, 2019).
  2. Optional – Review the ‘SCR8752_SERVICE_PROVIDER_DUPLICATE_ADDRESSES’ report found on the State SAFE site at, if you wish; although no County action is expected.

Send any questions regarding the Service Provider Address Merge to the CWDS Customer Relations mailbox.