CWS/CMS Team Critical in CWS-CARES Development

At CWDS, the project team works to ensure that the CWS-CARES products they are developing meet the needs of its customers. This is done through a variety of research and testing techniques, but most importantly through collaboration with the CWS/CMS team. This team is comprised of three groups and a vendor that specialize in current system functionality, and provide invaluable support to CWS-CARES development.

First, the Infrastructure group handles operational and technical support for the 58 CWS/CMS counties. They do this by testing readiness and connectivity in the counties and resolving technical issues when possible. They work closely with the second CWS/CMS group, the Application Development Team, which handles the development activities in support of CWS/CMS. The third group, Customer Relations, focuses on outreach support for both infrastructure and development, as well as partnering with the Implementation Team to learn how software is being introduced to the counties. After all county Implementation activities are completed, Customer Relations will continue ongoing county support needs relative to CWS CARES for each digital service. Lastly, the CWS/CMS team has specialized members dedicated to the data maintenance, integrity and integration of CWS/CMS with CWS-CARES.

The daily interaction of the CWS/CMS team with the digital and non-digital teams developing CWS-CARES is critical. Through subject matter expertise on the CWS/CMS system, they provide unique knowledge and experience on current system functionality, as well as regularly communicate CWS/CMS maintenance activities, releases, and technical upgrades to the CWS-CARES team. This helps to ensure that new CWS-CARES software is being developed to deliver maximum value to users.