Data Quality Fuzzy Reports Available

County CWS SPOCs and Data Quality Analysts:
The latest versions of Data Quality Fuzzy Reports for Clients, Placement Homes, and Substitute Care Providers (SCPs) are now available.  These Fuzzy Reports assist with data cleanup by providing a greater number of potential duplication matches, using “fuzzy” matching criteria, than would be possible on the more restricted results on the semi-annual merge reports.  Additional information on CWS/CMS data cleansing activities and benefits, including Fuzzy Reports, is found on the Data Quality Portal located at
To help the Data Quality team keep track of Fuzzy Report requests, a simple online request form has been developed. The Data Quality Fuzzy Reports Request Online Form is located at

Action Required
If a county wants to request a Data Quality Fuzzy Report (for Client, Placement Home, and/or SCP) please complete and submit the online request form located at: