Design Ops Sprint Review #1

The first Design Ops Sprint Review took place on Sept. 27 where the team delivered a preview of the visual direction the application will be taking. This included a preliminary mockup of the landing page header and dashboard. The Design Ops team is applying universal design elements for building the component library and style guide that will be shared across all the digital services teams. This component library provides a holistic design approach yet allows each digital services team the flexibility to build, implement and test new functionality, iteratively.

The goals of this first Sprint included conducting visual design studies to identify and adopt a consistent look and feel and an inventory of core components for what still needs to be completed. Based on the feedback we received, it was agreed to adopt the ‘professional’ template as the primary look and feel while also including elements that were both ‘warm’ and ‘confident’. Based on preliminary digital design study and a mockup of an intake screen role and were able to achieve consensus on a single design direction going forward. The ultimate goal being a look and feel that is completely accessible yet professional.

Watch a webinar of the first sprint review below: