E.K. Associates Awarded Contract with CWDS Project

Child Welfare Digital Services (CWDS) has selected E.K. Associates to provide Service Desk support for resolving events, incidents, problems, and requests. CWDS envisions a new Service Desk support model that provides quicker response times to user problems with clear procedures for who to contact when service is unavailable. This new CWDS Service Desk will consist of both State and Contractor resources reporting to Zack Souza, CWDS Service Desk Manager.

CWDS expects the level of support to remain the same for Coexistent and Dedicated Counties. For Coexistent Counties, severity level 1 support will continue to be conducted by each organizations’ local IT support desk. For Dedicated Counties that do not have an existing local IT support desk, the new CWDS Service Desk will be implemented to provide severity level 1 and 2 support. The local IT support desk will refer unresolved CWS-CARES incidents to the new CWDS Service Desk for resolution.

CWS-CARES’ first code release, in March 2017, came six months before the selection and award of a system integrator, and two-to-three years before any working software would have occurred under the previous monolithic “waterfall” approach.

CWDS is pioneering the development and operation across a variety of environments to develop web/mobile applications, underlying technology platform, data architecture, and associated cloud infrastructure with diverse engineering teams utilizing an agile methodology based on the principles of user-centered design and iterative development. CWDS follows the practice of DevOps to provision, operate, and manage distributed application systems on the AWS elastic cloud infrastructure, and leverages free/open source technology including Java, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL. All code produced by the CWS-CARES project is licensed as open source.