End of Support of Internet Explorer 11 for CWS/CMS Training Portal and CARES-Live

All SPOCS, Technical Contacts, and Training Contacts:
As mentioned in earlier communications to all counties, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is now out of support, which has created issues with both the CWS/CMS Training Portal and CARES-Live application as follows:
CWS/CMS Application
A feature was implemented some years ago in the CWS/CMS application that allowed users to access the CWS/CMS Training Portal directly from the Help menu link within the application. The CWS/CMS application is coded to launch the IE11 web browser which is no longer supported.
On October 12, 2022, a communication was sent to all SPOCs and Technical Contacts regarding a workaround for opening the CWS/CMS Training Portal directly within the preferred web browser since IE11 is out of support from Microsoft. 
CARES-Live Application
The IE11 browser will no longer be supported by the CARES-Live application. The CARES-Live team is working on a message, to appear when an IE 11 browser user tries to access CARES-Live, indicating that the browser is no longer compatible with CARES-Live. A communication will be sent informing everyone of when CARES-Live will not be accessible via the IE 11 browser and the new message added to the application. CARES-Live does support other browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
What has been accomplished
On November 7, 2022, Customer Relations sent out an IE11 Inquiry to ask counties if they are currently using Microsoft Edge as their default browser and, if not, if counties have the capability to move to Microsoft Edge. The responses received indicate that the majority of the counties have already moved from IE11 to another browser for CWS/CMS. Those survey results were socialized at the January 10, 2023, Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting. 
System Change Request (SCR) 8959 has been created with the purpose of making Microsoft Edge the default browser for the CWS/CMS Training Portal. This would eliminate the workaround in accessing the CWS/CMS Training Portal. 
CWDS’ recommendation is to select Microsoft Edge as the default browser for CWS/CMS Training Portal.  The Project’s intent is to use the plain vanilla version of Microsoft Edge. This recommendation has been socialized at both TAC and CWS/CMS Oversight committee for affirmation.
A subsequent communication will be forthcoming to share with counties the planned implementation dates to support the move to Microsoft Edge for CWS/CMS.

Action Required

No action is required at this time. More details will follow. Please share if you have any questions or concerns regarding this communication.