New County Contacts Page on the CWDS Website

To all CWS and Probation SPOCs, Training and Technical Contacts:

Welfare Digital Services (CWDS) is pleased to announce that the County Contact Information on the CWS/CMS Website will be migrated to the website on Thursday, August 15, 2019. This new page was developed after receiving feedback from pilot counties.

Currently, CWDS maintains three (3) websites that provide valuable resources to CWS social workers, probation officers and county technical staff. The goal is to consolidate those multiple websites into one website. The first step toward completing this consolidation effort is migrating the County Contacts page to the new environment.

The other web applications such as the Data Deletion Request (DDR), Move, Add, Change (MAC) requests and the Server Based Computing (SBC) will be migrated at a later date.

Please note: Until that complete migration occurs, county Single Points Of Contacts (SPOCs) will continue to edit access to those applications utilizing the current CWS/CMS Website.

CWDS County Contacts Page Guide
A guide will be posted soon on the CWS/CMS Website, under the Website Guides and Procedures page that will provide SPOCs with the steps to add a new user to the new County Contacts page of the web site, edit their profile information, delete a user and reset passwords.

Link to location of the CWDS Contacts Page Guide:

Action Required

Access the new County Contacts page at