Project Glossary

Below is the link to the current version of the CWDS Project Glossary as a reference for stakeholders, including potential and existing contractors. A version of the Project Glossary will be attached to each solicitation and the final executed contract. In the event of any legal dispute arising between the State of California and a contractor that involves the definition of a term, the version of the Project Glossary that was attached to the contract shall be the definition of record.

Project Glossary 01/04/2019

The definitions provided in the Project Glossary are in addition to the definitions provided in the CWS-NS General Provisions attached to the solicitation documents. Terms ending with an asterisk (*) are defined in the CWS-NS General Provisions - Information Technology, Section 1. The highlighted terms represent the definitions that were revised, added or removed from the previous version of the Project Glossary. The CWS-NS Project makes no representation that every term that was revised, added or removed will be highlighted. Bidders are advised to review the entire Project Glossary to obtain the most current definitions for terms used in the solicitation. The State may update the Project Glossary at any time through the duration of the procurement. An addendum to the procurement may be issued (but is not required) to update the Project Glossary. Therefore, it is the Bidder’s responsibility to check the CWDS website for updated versions of the Project Glossary. Bidders must direct any questions concerning the Project Glossary to the Procurement Official provided in the solicitation documents.