Project Glossary

Below is the link to the current version of the Child Welfare System - California Automated Response and Engagement System (CWS-CARES) Project Glossary as a reference for stakeholders.

Project Glossary 10/30/2019

The CWDS Project Glossary includes a List of Acronyms and defined terms captured from various models, reports, and other artifacts pertaining to the CWS-CARES Project. The Project Glossary standardizes terms used across the various project disciplines; each term is defined with its meaning specific to the project domain. 

Highlighted terms represent definitions that were revised, added, or removed from the previous version of the Project Glossary. CWDS makes no representation that every term that was revised, added, or removed will be highlighted. The State may update the Project Glossary at any time.

Please note that the CWDS Project Glossary in no longer being used in conjunction with current and future CWS-CARES procurements.