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CARES-Live Training Environment Documentation

To all CWS, Probation SPOC’s and Training Coordinators:

The following CARES-Live Training Environment documentation is now available on the CARES Implementation Portal:
  • CARES-Live Training Environment Services Offering
  • Training Environment Request for Access Exhibits C and D (Request for Access / Questionnaire)
  • Training Environment Users Guide
To access training environment documentation on the Portal without logging in, please click this link: CARES-Live TRN ENV Docs
You may also log onto the Portal and click ‘Tools and Documents,’ then click ‘CARES-Live TRN ENV’ to access the training environment documentation.

Action Required
All requests for access to the CARES-Live Training Environment should be submitted to the Customer Relations team at:


CARES-Live Training Environment Service Offering

To all CWS and Probation Training Coordinators and County Directors
The CWDS Project is excited to provide the Access to the CARES-Live Training Environment’ Service Offering. Statewide rollout of the CARES-Live Training Environment will be July 15, 2020 to August 5, 2020. To request access to the environment Training Coordinators must complete and submit two documents: The Request for CARES-Live Training Environment Access (Exhibit C) and a Questionnaire (Exhibit D). Requests submitted on or before July 15, 2020 are to be sent to to be processed as part of the statewide rollout. Requests submitted after July 15, 2020 are to be submitted to and will be processed on an ongoing basis as received.

Action Required: Contact the Implementation Training Team via if you need additional information and have questions.