Pi Planning

CWDS Finalizes Program Increment 7 Planning

On April 24, CWDS conducted an all-day planning session for Program Increment (PI) 7, which begins on May 3rd and runs through June 27th.  PI Planning delivers incremental value by iteratively developing, testing, refining and validating software within a set period of time. Program Increments at CWDS are generally 4-6 weeks in length with a series of 2-week Sprints throughout to check progress and troubleshoot as needed.

CWDS is planning several development priorities over the next two months, each determined by deliverables that are ready to build and provide high value to our users. They include the Cognito identity management tool and administration page, Snapshot 1.2 enhancements and further coding for CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths assessment tool).

For more information on the CWDS development priorities, please click here. See our events calendar for a list of upcoming PI 7 Sprint Reviews.