Service Desk

CWDS Service Desk Bulletin

Need help with CWS-CARES or support for CWDS related services? Please see attached flyer.

CWS-CARES Service Desk Supports Users

CWDS recently launched the CWS-CARES Service Desk to support its user community. The Service Desk was set up from scratch, including evaluating and procuring necessary tools and staff to run a 24/7 customer service operation.  The Service Desk is using state-of-art tools including Amazon Connect for their IVR call system and Service Now for tracking, responding and logging incidents. This gives users multiple ways to contact the Service Desk including call backs, speaking to a live person or email.

The Service desk team has been working closely with the Implementation and Training team, the Core Counties and the CWS/CMS Help Desk to develop user webinars and understand the types of incidents users might encounter. Service desk team members have to be knowledgeable about all aspects of the application, such as known bugs or workarounds, as well as any potential challenges users may encounter. The Service Desk also provides an invaluable feedback-loop to the Training and Implementation and DevOps teams to identify problems that users are encountering, and how training and support can address them before the next release.