CWS-CARES 2.2 Release


The CWS-CARES team has scheduled release activity that will interrupt connectivity to the CWS-CARES application. The release activity will begin at 09:00AM on February 09, 2019 and conclude at 12:00PM. During this scheduled outage users will not be able to access the CWS-CARES application.


CWS-CARES 2.2 is scheduled for release to Core Constituents on Saturday, February 9, 2019. It will then be followed by a single statewide go live on Monday, February 25, 2019. The CWS-CARES 2.2 release will include enhancements to CANS, Facility Search & Profile, Child Welfare History Snapshot, and the CWS-CARES Dashboard. The CWS-CARES 2.2 Release Notes describes the details of this release. In addition, there are interim processes for system features not working as designed and known bugs. Counties can access the CWS-CARES Release Notes and Interim Processes for CWS-CARES 2.2 on the CWSD website at

1. Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment (CANS)
•    Improve application usability
•    Provide role-based dashboards for Supervisors, CWS Case Carrying Workers, and Non-Case Carrying Workers
•    Search for and use child information from CWS/CMS
•    Provide Change Log Information
•    Present CANS rating summary with strengths, needs, and immediate action information
•    Automatically redact confidential items when the CANS is printed

2. Facility Search and Profile
•    Display capacity and adjusted capacity from CWS/CMS
•    Allow use of special characters, such as / \ " ( ) [ ] { } , in Facility Name field

3. Child Welfare History Snapshot
•    Display all active addresses on the Person Card
•    Do not display clients that were merged in CWS/CMS

Note:  Child Welfare History Snapshot is only available to the Intake Core Constituents Representatives in production.

Action Required:
If users experience any issues with CWS-CARES, please follow your county process for reporting issues or you may contact the CWDS Service Desk at 1-855-292-3444.

CWDS Releases Snapshot 1.1 for Production

This week, the CWDS Intake Digital Service launched Snapshot 1.1, the second release of CWS-CARES functionality which is now live and accessible by 22 county social workers.  These users from across California represent Core Counties who are helping the state research, design and develop the new system to replace the CWS/CMS child welfare system. Snapshot 1.1 builds on the success of an earlier release, and now allows for workers to view relationships added to the Snapshot. It also provides an improved, formatted version on child/family history.

Snapshot allows staff to search for one or more persons and view the history of their involvement with child welfare, including referrals and cases, in a fraction of the time that it currently takes to do the same work in CWS/CMS. Specifically, Snapshot gives staff the ability to search for people across CWS/CMS from a single field, see each person’s current contact information and demographics, and view an at-a-glance summary of their CWS history. The tool also includes a way to easily copy and paste key information which will greatly enhance workflow for staff (click here to view a demonstration of the Snapshot tool).

The CWS-CARES Implementation Team is working with State and county organizations to prepare for the use of Snapshot. Implementation Leads communicate and coordinate on Snapshot readiness to the organizations that they support.

As the project starts Program Increment (PI) 7 and makes progress toward the regular production of working software, CWDS Digital Teams will hold public sprint reviews monthly, with details of progress published online. Stakeholders can stay updated by visiting the CWDS archive (The Feed), viewing the CWDS events calendar and subscribing to our eNewsletter.

CWDS Assigns Regional Implementation Leads for Snapshot Roll Out

As the project gets ready for Snapshot to roll out to core counties in upcoming months, CWS-CARES has assigned Implementation Leads to each region. Implementation Leads will provide hands-on support to help counties and other stakeholders prepare to use the new system. For this Snapshot release, each Implementation Lead will work with a region to help guide stakeholders through the key activities, prepare for training and act as a liaison between counties and the project. All of our Implementation Leads will be working together and sharing information across regions for a holistic statewide view on implementation activities.  For more information, please visit the Digital Services Implementation Portal

CWDS Project Update 2/9/18

This week, the Intake Digital Service launched Snapshot 1.0, the first release of CWS-CARES functionality which is now live and accessible by 22 county social workers.  These users from across California represent Core Counties who are helping the state research, design and develop the new system to replace the legacy child welfare system.
While Snapshot 1.0 is a limited initial release, it is a significant technical achievement that demonstrates the viability of the CWDS cloud infrastructure, web application architecture, and user-centered design methodology.  CWDS priorities include expanding Snapshot and providing access to a larger set of users toward an eventual statewide deployment.   
Consistent with Agile methodologies to refine and improve the way software is developed, the project is adding Program Increment 5.7 to its regular development cycle to spend two weeks examining ways to optimize performance.  For example, CWDS underwent the initial stages of regrouping development teams, called Team Optimization, which will allow greater flexibility to move resources across digital teams to spike development according to shifting priorities.  
Another refinement includes centralizing the project’s research and design team members across the digital services to broaden their contributions and reduce duplicative work.  This will enable them to get ahead of the development teams and streamline the product pipeline.  The project has begun creation of a new collective referred to as the CWDS Research + Design Studio.
Core County representatives will continue to provide invaluable feedback as user-centered design remains the main tenant guiding development toward a modern set of tools aimed at protecting California’s children. 

Snapshot Implementation Activities

The CWDS Implementation Team is preparing for Snapshot, the first major CWS-CARES release. This tool allows staff to search CWS/CMS data for people and their past child welfare history. The team hosted a series of web conferences in January to kick off implementation activities with the State, county, and tribe organizations. These important sessions covered an overview of the Snapshot tool, logistics of the rollout, implementation services provided to organizations, key contacts and resources, next steps, and a brief Q&A. Ten regional sessions were conducted. Invitees included staff from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), county directors, SPOCs, technical contacts, and trainers. Implementation Leads (IL) will prepare stakeholders for this change and serve as liaisons for the project. Stay tuned for more updates by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.

Intake Snapshot Demo

Intake conducted a solution demonstration for the Snapshot feature on Oct. 10. Click here to view the webinar.