Welcome to the Case Management Digital Service Web Page.

Case Management Digital Service Team:
Service Manager: Cynthia (Cindy) Vatalaro
Product Owner: Sonoltra Sanchez
Development Teams: Accenture & Cambria Solutions 

Case Management Digital Service Team Vision

The Case Management Digital Service will provide state and county caseworkers, supervisors, staff and managers with a simple and efficient tool for maintaining a case record in a variety of situations, including: community-based or voluntary services, court supervised in home services, family reunification services, and permanency planning services.

Case Management Digital Service Team Scope:

The Case Management Digital Service will contain comprehensive identification, information and documentation of the family strengths and needs, case planning, court information, child health and education, services, out of home care, independent living with permanent family connections, extended foster care, adoptions and justifications for case closure. It will include the ability to provide ongoing oversight at varying levels to regularly determine that children are healthy and safe and document case worker compliance with federal, state and local requirements as well as best social work practices. Additionally, it will allow the tracking and monitoring of key elements that will facilitate supervisory oversight, child and family services reviews, and the ability to quickly and efficiently monitor any approaching deadlines and milestones that require social worker action. Finally, it will support data elements critical for child welfare outcomes and foster care statistics as well as other state and federal reporting requirements.

The scope of Case Management Digital Services includes the following feature sets: Stakeholder Involvement:

The Case Management Digital Service Team is currently conducting the procurement of a Case Management developer. Once the procurement process is complete, the team will engage with end users (including Core Counties) to develop their Digital Service.

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