Project Management Plans


Configuration Management Plan

The purpose of this plan is to document how the Project will identify State service assets and configuration items, including internal deliverables and work products, and State owned software products for:

  1. Version Control
  2. Baseline
  3. Repository and Access Control
  4. Status Accounting and Reporting


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Project Management Plan

The PMP provides a working guide for how the CWS-NS project will be managed, executed, monitored and controlled with:

  1. Project Planning
  2. Integration Management
  3. Project Execution
  4. Project Control and Monitoring
  5. Project Closeout


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Risk & Issue Management Plan

Includes the processes and approach to identify, analyze, plan, imperilment, monitor and close project risks and issues:

  1. Risk/Issue Identification
  2. Risk Analysis
  3. Risk/Issue Response Planning
  4. Risk/Issue Response Execution
  5. Risk/Issue Monitoring and Control


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Requirements Management Plan

The RMP identifies the processes used to plan, develop, monitor and control requirements in all stages of a project’s lifecycle through the following processes:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning & Procurement
  3. Development
  4. Traceability/Validation


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Human Resource Management Plan

This plan establishes guidelines on how the Project will acquire, develop, and manage staff resources throughout the Project life cycle for the following processes:

  1. Staff Planning
  2. Staff Acquisition
  3. Staff training
  4. Staff Tracking and Transition


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Contract Management Plan

This plan provides the approach to ensure that all contractual obligations and contractor activities are met and maintained:

  1. Contractor Reporting
  2. Invoice Management
  3. Escalation and Resolution
  4. Contract Amendments


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Stakeholder & Communications Management Plan

This plan integrates with organizational change management (OCM) using the Prosci 3-phase process:

  1. Preparing for Change
  2. Managing Change
  3. Reinforcing Change


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Change Management Plan

The purpose of this Change Management Plan is to establish a standardized agile change management approach for the approval and tracking of proposed changes for the CWS-NS project. It defines:

  1. Hierarchy of Changes
  2. Change Types
  3. Change Request Process


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Procurement Management Plan

The purpose of this plan is to identify the tasks and activities to be performed to procure goods and services for the Project with the following processes:

  1. Acquisition Planning
  2. Contracting
  3. Product Acceptance
  4. Executing/Updating Contracts


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Governance Plan

This document describes the Governance process for the CWDS blended governance structure, which includes both CWS-NS and Child Welfare Services/Case Management System (CWS/CMS) including:

  1. Management and organization
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Governance structure


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Deliverables Management Plan

The purpose of this Plan is to:

  • Facilitate the timely review and approval of contractor deliverables;
  • To ensure deliverable is tracked and all events are recorded; and
  • To ensure a copy of each deliverable and all supporting materials are archived in the Project repository.


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Document Management Plan

The objective of this plan is to control the storage and distribution of documents, important historical data and information. The plan establishes the methodology for the creation, updating/approval, storage, and distribution of documents.

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Schedule Management Plan

The focus of the SMP is on the process model guiding the development, tracking, monitoring and controlling, reporting and close out of project work. The SMP will describe how to schedule and manage project tasks using MS Project and Pivotal Tracker as appropriate.

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Quality Management Plan

Quality is managed throughout the project lifecycle with the following processes:

  1. Quality Planning
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Quality Control
  4. Quality Improvement


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Cost Management Plan

The purpose of this Plan is to define the processes and guidelines for ensuring the project is completed within budget and adheres to all applicable State/Federal regs:

  • Plan Cost Management
  • Estimate Costs
  • Determine Budget
  • Control Costs


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Test Management Plan

This document provides an overall framework and a set of principles, best practices and guidelines for how testing will occur across all CWDS digital services for:

  1. Test driven Development
  2. Quality Acceptance
  3. Continuous Integration and Build
  4. Bug Tracking and Reporting


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