Welcome to the Technology Platform Team web page.

Technology Platform Team:
Service Manager: Ben Hafer
Product Owner: Robb Thompson
Development Team: Taborda Solutions

Technology Platform Team Vision

For Digital services software developers who need to develop web applications for California’s Child Welfare Case Workers stakeholders, the CWDS Technology Platform Team provides a set of technical data services and integrated business rules that will allow rapid development and deployment of web applications. The Technology Platform Team will use open and modern standards that enable reuse and modular replacement – including REST, JSON, and other open-source technologies – flexibly developed using the agile scrum methodology unlike other software development efforts which are tied to proprietary and complex software.

Technology Platform Team Scope:
The Technology Platform Team's scope includes the following major activities:
  • Develop software for the Technology Platform Team that enables access to legacy and new data.
  • Participate in Agile Development teams and work to support Digital Service teams by completing tasks from the backlog.
  • Collaborate with Digital Service teams to help enable optimum efficiency through timely knowledge sharing.
  • Collaborate with CWS/CMS teams to develop knowledge of the legacy systems and ensure the business of child welfare is reflected in new system tools.
  • Assist the DevOps Environment team with processes and tools to help establish the CWS-NS DevOps Continuous Integration capabilities.
Stakeholder Involvement:

Unlike other outwardly facing CWDS Teams, the Technology Platform Team will not establish Core County/Constituent teams. However, CWDS Digital Service Team Core County/Constituent feedback will be evaluated by the Technology Platform Team to improve CWS-NS functionality.

CWDS encourages stakeholder feedback! Please visit our Stakeholder Feedback page to learn how you can engage directly with the teams.

Technology Platfrom Team Links:
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