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Every year, county intake teams across California receive approximately 500,000 allegations of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. And about 65% these reports require an on-site investigation, sometimes within the day or within the hour.

These teams protect children from the greatest and most urgent potential risks to their safety and well-being. They need a service that is designed to their purpose: efficient, flexible and intelligent enough to support these workers in making good decisions quickly.

This is your opportunity to explore our vision and our progress. Thank you for your interest, and if you have questions we haven’t answered, let us know!

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Our vision for the Intake Digital Service:

The Intake Digital Service will provide county Child Welfare Agencies with a system that supports emergency response workers with the information they need to make better decisions for children's’ safety and well-being. We will offer a service designed for the workers’ needs and environment, both in the office and in the field, so that they can respond to time-sensitive situations quickly, spend more time working with children and families, and less on data entry.

The scope of our work:

The Intake Digital Service will support the screening, assessment and investigation of suspected child abuse reports up to when a decision is made to remove a child from the home. Placement and Court related activities, including the detention report, will be covered by the Case Management Digital Service.

Statement of Work

How Intake will grow over time:

As an Agile digital team, we do not wait years to deliver a final product Instead, we deliver a basic application fast, and then build out with new features and enhancements based on continual direct feedback we get from the people who use the system.

To start, the Intake digital service will include…
…all screening work on a single, efficient page.
…a simple, flexible way to search, incorporated directly into the screening page.
…the ability to save a screening even if it isn’t promoted to an in-person investigation.
…each person’s past history with child welfare at a glance.

To see what we have planned for future improvements: Intake Product Roadmap

How users and stakeholders drive Intake:

Building the best possible digital service for them is a complex process. CWDS depends on input from stakeholders at every phase of the process to help us put users’ needs at the center of the Intake service.

We work nearly every day with our core county representatives from Butte, Yolo, Santa Cruz, Fresno, Ventura, and Los Angeles.

The Intake team also performs regular site visits, user research and collaborative design with our core county representatives, and usability testing.

To learn more about our research and design process, check out our wiki.

Want to know more about our engineering practices? We’ve got that covered, too.


How you can get involved:

We are already reaching out to many county CWA offices. But we encourage you to check out the latest version of the software as it is being built. Try it out, and let us know what you think.

Please Note

This live environment changes frequently as more features are built out. It is not connected to any database that contains real and private information. To learn more about the effort to integrate with the Legacy system, visit the API Team homepage.



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