CWDS Awards Contracts for Case Management Digital Service

Cambria Solutions and Accenture Start July 2017

Child Welfare Digital Services (CWDS) has selected Cambria Solutions and Accenture from the state’s Agile Development Pre-Qualified (ADPQ) vendor pool to work on the Case Management digital service. Case Management is the largest of eight services under development to create the system that will replace the existing Child Welfare Services / Case Management System (CWS/CMS) used by county case workers across California.

The Case Management digital service will provide county child welfare agencies a comprehensive, automated case management system that fully supports effective child welfare practices, and incorporates the functional requirements mandated by federal regulations. It will provide state and county caseworkers, supervisors, staff and managers with a simple and efficient tool for maintaining a case record in a variety of situations, including: family needs assessments, court supervised or voluntary in-home services, foster care placement, family reunification services, and permanency planning services.

The project is pioneering the development and operation of cloud-based software in the public sector, following a DevOps project lifecycle rather than a traditional design, development and implementation (DDI) / maintenance and operations (M&O) model. The project is taking an innovative new approach for California state government, using agile methodologies, free/open source software (FOSS) and user-centered design.

The project’s first code release, in March 2017, came six months before the selection and award of a system integrator and two to three years before any working software would have occurred under the previous monolithic “waterfall” approach.

CWDS Awards Consulting Contract to CivicActions

Berkeley-based CivicActions has been selected to provide technical consulting services for Child Welfare Digital Service (CWDS), the project announced on June 30.

CivicActions will provide six full-time staff to the project’s infrastructure team, helping provide a continuum of services and capabilities including integration, deployment, and automation. The new team members triple the project’s infrastructure engineer count from two to six, with the introduction of four new engineers, a performance analyst, and an experienced release manager who will also be the team’s Scrum Master.

CWDS is pioneering the development and operation of cloud-based software following a DevOps project lifecycle rather than a traditional design, development and implementation (DDI) / maintenance and operations (M&O) model.   The project is taking an innovative new approach for California state government, using Agile methodologies, free/open source software (FOSS) and user-centered design.

The project consists of eight digital services to replace the legacy system that manages casework for county child protective services programs, foster home approvals and licensing, and other critical functions that allow case workers to protect children.

With the project’s first code release in March, teams of state staff and contractors, including designers, developers and project managers, have been working to get started under the new approach.  Momentum is building as more developer teams will be hired in the coming months.

New Vendors Selected for Agile Development Pre-Qualified Vendor Pool

The California Department of Technology has announced the selection of 13 vendors who are now part of the State’s expanded Agile Development Pre-Qualified (ADPQ) vendor pool. Along with 11 companies that were previously selected in 2016 when the vendor pool was initially created, there are now 24 vendors eligible to bid on opportunities for agile and user-centered design services. Read more about the establishment of the ADPQ vendor pool on our website: While CWDS has been the first state organization to use the vendor pool for the development of the Child Welfare Services – New System (CWS-NS) project, CDT expanded the pool to increase competition and allow all state agencies and departments to use it. Read the Notification of Selection here.

CWDS to Issue RFOs for Implementation Services

As part of an overall strategy to help counties prepare to transition from the legacy Child Welfare Services/Case Management System, Child Welfare Digital Services (CWDS) will be releasing four solicitations for implementation services, including organizational change management, training development, training delivery and implementation services.

Since January 2017, OnCore Consulting has been the implementation contractor for Intake Services, one of the five digital services within CWDS.

Rather than procuring services of another single vendor to cover implementation in its entirety for the remaining digital services, CWDS will release four separate RFOs for the following disciplines of work:

  • Implementation Services: Plans, manages, and oversees all implementation through coordination, communication, and readiness activities. Provides schedule management for implementation-specific activities at project, state, county, and tribal levels and includes Organizational Change Management (OCM), Training Development and Training Delivery Contractors.
  • OCM: Develops, delivers and maintains OCM materials, reviews and updates existing OCM templates and OCM processes.
  • Training Development: Analyzes, designs, develops, maintains, and updates a complete system training program suitable for a physical and virtual training environment.
  • Training Delivery: Plans, prepares, evaluates, schedules, and delivers Train-the-Trainer training to approximately 250 state, county, and Regional Training Academy staff at least once a quarter or for a major release based on the materials provided by the Training Development Contractor.

Splitting traditional implementation services over four contracts allows vendors to provide services in their areas of expertise. If a vendor submits an offer for one solicitation, the offer does not preclude that vendor from submitting on the other solicitations.  The successful vendor(s) will assist with the implementation of Digital Services such as CALS and Case Management, of which the user community consists of over 25,000 county and state staff.

Counties will continue to have one point of contact within CWDS for all implementation activities and services.

Visit the CWDS vendor page for more information on procurement:

CWDS Selects OnCore Consulting for Intake Implementation

CWDS has selected OnCore Consulting, based in Folsom, CA, to provide implementation services for the Intake Digital Service. Intake is the process by which child welfare professionals in California’s county Child Welfare Agencies investigate allegations of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

The new Intake Digital Service will be an easy-to-navigate and efficient way to record and access information regarding child abuse, neglect, exploitation allegations, investigative findings, and outcomes. The new service will provide comprehensive information that allows child welfare professionals to make timely, informed decisions regarding child safety.

OnCore will assist with the deployment of the Intake service to the Intake user community, which consists of up to 7,000 staff located across the state. Additionally, up to 18,000 additional Child Welfare Services staff (social workers, public health nurses, probation officers, supervisors, and support staff) access Intake information in the course of their daily work. OnCore will join the CWDS Implementation Team to perform a wide array of implementation services:

  • General Implementation Services
  • Organizational Change Management
  • System Training (Design, Development, & Delivery)
  • Rollout/Go-Live Support

CWDS is excited to welcome OnCore onboard as of January 24, 2017, and to being one step closer to putting working software in the hands of our user.