Data Management

2023 - Annual Batch Merge Data Cleanse Reminder

Batch Merge and Data Cleanses are scheduled on a Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Manually Directed basis.

For information regarding the Batch Merge & Data Cleanse Schedule, Cleansing Instructions, Issues List, FAQs, and other information, please visit the CWS/CMS Data Quality Portal

For additional information regarding the 
Batch Merge process and reports, please refer to the Automated Client Merge Training Guides located on the CWS/CMS Training Portal website. You must have Training Portal access to view the documents. If you do not have access, contact your County's Single Point of Contact (SPOC).

Data Cleanses
  • Update Education Provider School Number
  • Standardize Addresses
  • End Assignments for Closed Finalized Adoption Cases (SCR 8750)
  • Run Unknown Client Name Standardization (SCR 8842)
  • Validate & Cleanse Client Demographic Data (SCR 8850)
  • Validate & Cleanse SCP Demographic Data (SCR 8846)

Batch Merges
  • Bi-monthly Client
  • Semi Annual SCP/Attorney
  • Semi Annual Placement Home/Service Provider
  • Distribute Quarterly SCP/Attorney/Service Provider/Placement Home Reports
  • SCP Deduplication (SCR8912)

Manually Directed Merges
  • FFACRFH and FFACH Homes (SCR 8856)

Contact the CWDS Customer Relations mailbox if you have any questions.